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Types of 12v batteries for Solar Energy

What type of 12v solar power batteries should I use?

When it comes to creating and setting up a solar energy system in their homes, a relatively common question that people often find asking themselves is actually what type of 12v solar light battery they should use.  The real question though is what type of 12v solar power batteries is most ideal for solar energy systems?

Now some people may think that using your typical automotive batteries and using it as a 12v a solar battery is adequate but that is certainly not the case. These types of batteries just won’t do especially when storing electrical energy to your 12v batteries derived from your solar panels. Many people still use an ordinary automotive battery for the solar power systems though and while it may work initially, these batteries get worn out in relatively short period of time since they are not designed to be deeply discharged with their thin lead plates.

Now having mentioned that ordinary batteries just won’t do, this begs the question, what kind of 12v solar panel batteries should I use then? Well there is actually a particular type of 12v solar light battery on the market today that is specifically designed for these applications. Known as the deep cycle 12v solar power batteries, they are designed to discharge as much as 80 percent of their capacity without losing efficiency.

Types of deep cycle 12v solar panel batteries

Now there are actually several kinds of 12v a solar battery being offered on the market today. The most popular and common of which is the golf car 12v batteries. These types of 12v solar panel batteries are easy to work with and are relatively inexpensive which makes it a popular choice for many people looking to build their own solar energy systems.

Another kind of 12v solar light battery is the Industrial type deep cycle 12v solar power batteries. These batteries are probably the best in terms of power, efficiency and reliability although they are certainly more expensive than other kind of 12v a solar battery. They are typically used for remote stations and forklifts and can last up to 20 years which makes it a practical long-term investment for solar energy systems.

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