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Tips to Figuring out How Many 12volt Solar Panel Batteries You Need

How many 12v solar batteries do you need?

If you are going to depend on 12volt solar panel batteries or a solar energy system for your electrical needs then one major question that you ought to ask yourself is how big do you actually have to build it and how many 12v solar batteries do you need. Answering this question would require that you consider a couple of things such as storage capacity, discharge rate, storage temperature and maximum charge rate.  The size and number of 12v deep cycle solar battery needed would depend on the storage capacity needed.

Things to consider when it comes to 12v solar batteries

Many people may be unaware of this, but storage temperature is actually a crucial factor when it comes to the performance of 12v deep cycle solar batteries. Typically, an ordinary 12v solar panel battery will only yield half of its capacity when subjected to 0 degrees temperature. This climbs to 75 percent at 40 degrees temperature. If this performance difference in temperature is a major concern for you then you might want to think about investing in 12volt solar panel batteries that are designed to withstand it such as the Concorde PVX 12v solar batteries. It would be best to opt for a sealed type 12v deep cycle solar battery especially if you are going to store it outside.

Now if you want to figure out how many 12v deep cycle solar batteries or how big of a storage capacity do you actually need, you’ll first have to figure out the total wattage hours you have in the house. This may seem all too complicated but you essentially just have to get the wattage rating of each appliance you intend to run with your 12v solar panel battery and multiply it with the number of hours that such appliances are used each day. You’ll multiply this by a specific number which will represent the number of days that you probably won’t have access to direct sunlight.

Now to figure out the number of 12volt solar panel batteries needed, you’ll have to multiply the total number of watt hour usage each day twice. This way, you’ll only be using half the maximum capacity of your solar power system. It is then only a matter of dividing the total watt hours with the total storage capacity of your 12v solar batteries and ensuring that it meets your specifications for your daily power needs.

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