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Tips for Maintianing your Battery

As many people who use solar panels and other renewable sources of energy will testify, the deep cycle battery is a must have. It enables you to store energy to be used at a later time and is one of the core components of the whole system. It would, therefore, be a huge blow if the battery failed or stopped working completely; not to mention the extra costs that would arise. Upon purchase, you are advised to keep the battery in good health in order for it to last longer. In that spirit, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that the battery lasts longer and that its excellent condition is maintained.

Buy the Right Battery for your Solar power system

One of the first things you have to do is ensure that you take the right deep cycle battery home. This depends on the type and size of solar panels you have. You should get a corresponding battery that is built to work with your panels. In that case, a low-capacity will not be overworked when matched with a extensive system that requires a bigger capacity. For those with extensive systems, bigger batteries will be required. Their storage might be a bit problematic as some are known to weigh almost 200 pounds. The latest trend is to have enclosures for these deep cycle batteries. These enclosures provide a neat and safe way to contain the batteries.

Store the batteries correctly

Alternatively, you can build a battery box for the deep cycle battery. This especially works for small and middle-sized batteries as enclosures are mostly for the bigger batteries. For Lead acid deep cycle batteries, it is recommended that desulphation be done regularly. This keeps the battery in great working condition and lengthens its working life. When this is combined with observing correct charging time and the correct water electrolyte solution level, the battery should last for quite a long time. Batteries are basically low maintenance and hassle free and with just a few basic tips, they should last quite a long time.

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