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Things to Consider in Purchasing 12 V Solar Batteries

Looking for 12 V solar batteries?

If you’re looking for 12 v solar batteries then you certainly would have little problem finding 12 V solar panel battery offers on the market today. This is because a lot of people are starting to see a necessity behind these alternative and renewable power sources. However, before you jump into anything, it would be best to consider a couple of things surrounding the features and specifications behind a particular 12 V solar panel battery. Certainly, 12 V solar power battery systems are not all alike in terms of design and construction. They also tend to vary greatly in terms of features and price range. Knowing these differences and making your selection based on your needs can mean the difference between having 12 V solar batteries that would serve you for many years to come and one that is inefficient and hardly earn its keep.

Tips in purchasing a 12 V solar power battery

In purchasing 12 V solar batteries, you generally have a choice between 12 V deep cycle solar batteries and its shallow cycle counterpart. A 12 V deep cycle solar battery is typically more expensive, but it is a lot more reliable and lasts much longer due to the fact that it can discharge approximately 80 percent of its maximum capacity. As a general rule, the higher the discharge capability of a 12 V solar panel battery, the greater is its battery life and durability. Thus opting for a 12 V deep cycle solar battery comes highly recommended especially if your application demands frequent or continuous battery cycles. Perhaps the best thing about 12 V deep cycle solar batteries is that it is designed to be run down completely at a fast rate and can be recharged just as fast.

Another thing that you’ll have to consider when purchasing a 12 V solar power battery is how long you need to use it in the absence of direct sunlight. This would take us to a specification called storage capacity and is expressed in amp hours. A 12 V solar panel battery with 100 amp hours can provide power for 100 hours for each amp that it churns out.

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