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The Health of Your Battery

The deep cycle battery is one of the most important items needed to complete a solar power system. Without this battery, you cannot put the system to optimal use. These batteries are needed to store the solar energy gathered so it can be used at one’s time and leisure. Great care should therefore be taken when choosing them. The right size and the right capacity should be chosen according to personal preferences. Then once you have the right battery for you, it should be treated with the utmost care so that it can last for long and give the best service possible. All this is up to you and there are quite a few things to keep in mind in the care of your battery.

Discharging and recharging your Battery

You should always remember that a deep cycle battery is meant to be discharged and recharged regularly. Overcharging and undercharging it will lead to continuous destruction of the battery until it finally becomes useless and non-functional. Since this is usually the biggest cause of battery failure, then as much as possible, the standard discharging and recharging methods should be used.
There are a few common tips that will help keep that battery in top condition. Manufacturers generally advise that you limit the depth of discharge to about 20%. This keeps it at 80% optimum capacity. Undercharging is also a big problem and it also suggested that interruptions are avoided during the charging period. For overcharging, the advice is just about the same. Maintain charge at the optimum level, no further.

Using an Inverter

There are a few tools or devices that come with a deep cycle battery and they tend to be very useful in keep the health of the battery at its optimum level. An inverter is quite useful. It usually comes with a low voltage disconnect feature that will disconnect loads at a given set point. This helps in regulating the charge in your battery, a lot. There is also the option of low voltage alarms that provide audible warnings as well. This is always a good reminder and should be put to use. Keeping all this in mind and actually putting it to practical use will go a long way in keeping your battery healthy and thus ensuring a long useful life where it will serve all your battery needs to the fullest.

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