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The Dangers of Overcharging and Undercharging Your Battery

A deep cycle battery becomes a very integral part of life when it becomes the only storage facility for all your power. This normally happens when the power source for a home is solar power. Solar power is energy from the sun; it is therefore only available during the day. However, since one still needs energy to use at night, one needs to go ahead and acquire a deep cycle solar battery to store the energy that can then be used when there is no sun.

This deep cycle battery also comes in useful when there is cloudy weather or even when it is stormy. The battery therefore becomes a very important part of the whole solar system. Without it, the solar power would only be temporary and quite unreliable. It is therefore of the utmost importance to keep that battery in excellent health. Battery failure would lead to unthinkable consequences and should be avoided at all cost. One should therefore look into the common causes of battery failure and try as much as possible to stop that from happening.

Battery Failure

The two main things that are likely to lead to battery failure would be overcharging and undercharging. Overcharging is when the battery is being given too much power. It might seem like a good thing but it has been proven to gradually ruin the battery. The deep cycle batterycan only handle so much energy at a time and if more is forced it will lead to rapid depletion of the electrolyte solution and permanently damage the lead plates. This leaves the battery basically very useless and unusable.  Undercharging on the other hand occurs when you frequently terminate the charging process. This has the negative effect of destroying the efficiency of the battery and prevent it from reaching its’ full capacity due to ‘charging memory’. It reaches a point where it begins to recognize a less-than-full battery as a full one. It is therefore very much advised that overcharging and undercharging be completely avoided for a long lasting and efficient battery. With such a battery, you get to enjoy the long term investment you made and enjoy its value for as long as you require it.

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