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Solar Power – Advantages and Disadvantages

People often think of solar power as a good thing but do not really understand how or why it works which can be a fairly technical subject. Just like everything else, solar energy has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. It would certainly be worth your while to check out these factors in order to make the right decision on whether or not this kind of alternative power system is right for you.

Solar Power and its Advantages

Indeed solar power presents various advantages over conventional power systems that make it a viable alternative when it comes to addressing one’s power needs. For one thing, it obviously saves you money. The electrical energy harnessed from the sun by solar panels and stored on the solar battery are completely free and renewable. ROI (Return of Investment) can also be fairly short and solar energy systems quickly earn its keep depending on your electrical needs. People investing in such alternative energy systems can also take advantage of various financial incentives from the government or sell surplus electrical energy they can no longer store on their solar batteries to utility companies earning them a credit.

Another significant advantage to such alternative power systems is that its obviously clean and sustainable unlike conventional sources of energy that produces adverse effects to the environment and contributing to environmental problems like smog, acid rain and global warming. Solar power systems also have the advantage of independence and can be used to offset utility-supplied electrical energy as needed. It does not require any connection to power grids and can be utilized in remote locations well beyond the reach of utility grids. More importantly, important solar energy components like the solar panel and solar batteries do not have any moving parts and require very little or no maintenance at all

Disadvantages of Solar Power

Having mentioned the advantages of solar power system, it would be wise to educate yourself about its disadvantages. For one thing, such alternative power systems are typically very expensive to acquire and install. Initial cost can be described as its primary disadvantage mainly due to the high cost of semi-conductors and the required components to put up your own solar energy system such as solar battery and solar panels can easily cost you hundreds of dollars.

Efficiency can also be an issue when it comes to solar alternative power system because it all depends on sun’s location and weather conditions although the installation of additional components can be used to overcome such an issue. In the same way, this type of alternative power system has its limitations – it obviously can’t produce any electrical energy during the night although net metering and solar batteries backup system can be used to effectively compensate for these problems.

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