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Creating your own Electricity with Solar Panels

The cost of solar panels and solar power systems

Solar panels and solar power systems are the perfect solution for dealing with skyrocketing electricity bills. Imagine being able to create your own electrical power without having to rely on your local power grid or having to deal with monthly electrical expenses. All these may seem like something out of a science fiction movie but itís certainly possible with todayís technology in solar energy systems. The only significant disadvantage though is that these types of alternative power systems are very expensive and can easily cost you a small fortune. Solar batteries and panels can easily cost you hundreds of dollars. However, there are certainly a couple of things that you can do to minimize cost as much as possible. For one thing, you can go for reconditioned solar batteries instead of buying brand new ones or make your own solar panels which would certainly help you cut down cost. Building these panels yourself can be very difficult but itís certainly possible with the right tools, materials and instructions which you can easily look up online.

Building your own solar panels

Solar power panels being sold on the market are made of silicon but did you know you can make your own panels using cuprous oxide? Cuprous oxide is a compound known to have good photoelectric properties enabling electricity to flow through them. Youíll need several materials to build your own solar energy panels all of which arenít difficult to secure and are readily available from your local hardware store. This includes clip leads, copper sheets, micro ammeter and metal shears. Youíll also need an electric stove, sand paper, table salt, a jar and tap water

You can begin by cutting the copper sheet into strips with the metal sheers. Make sure that itís free from grease, dirt and oil by thoroughly washing it. Remove any rust you find on the sheets with the sandpaper and allow it to dry. You can then place it on stove and heat it for half an hour or until it is covered with black layers which will eventually flake off revealing shades of color underneath. Allow it to cool off and you can then start rubbing all the black layers off. Take an unheated sheet of copper and bend it along with the heated one into a jar but donít let them come in contact with one another. Connect the heated copper to a negative alligator terminal and connect the positive terminal to the unheated copper. Mix hot water with table salt and put the mixture in the jar and expose to direct sunlight. You should be able to find micro-amps readings in your amp reader. Copper is after all, one effective semiconductor enabling you to build a functional solar panel from scratch.

Now if you are not too keen about building your own solar panels or simply donít have the time for it, you can certainly opt for silicon solar power panels offered on the market. Initial upfront cost may seem significant but they are certainly a lot more effective than DIY solar energy panels and come highly recommended if you plan on making a complete switch to such alternative power systems and rely on your solar battery for your electrical power needs. More importantly, any investment you make in putting up your own solar energy system is well worth it as it provides you with free and renewable power source for years to come.

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