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Investing in Solar Panels – Is it worth it?

Are you thinking about investing in solar panels and switching to a solar power system for your electrical power needs? The cost of electricity from utility companies is on the rise and has been doing so for quite some time. Is it about time you switch to alternative solar energy systems? A lot of people seem to think so and perhaps it’s about time that you opt for such changes too.

What are solar panels and solar power systems?

Solar panels serve to harness photons or light energy from the sun and convert it into usable electrical power. Each panel contains thousands of solar cells that absorb light energy and generate electrons. This is actually where electrical energy is generated. The electrons produced don’t get used up in the process, they eventually return to the solar cell through a circuit producing renewable energy.

Now every solar cell actually generates very little electrical energy which is why thousands of them need to be hooked up with one another in order to make up a solar power panel. Solar cells also have very low efficiency when it comes to creating electricity – approximately 14 percent. Now this may seem like a very low figure but keep in mind that it’s free renewable energy which would have gone to waste. Solar energy panels need to be installed unto large surfaces like rooftops in order to effectively generate electrical energy.

Indeed solar power systems present a viable and excellent alternative to conventional power system but it does have its share of cons. The most significant of which is that it obviously doesn’t work at night or during adverse weather conditions or anytime the sun just doesn’t shine which is why it would be best combine its use with solar energy storage devices like solar batteries.

Why invest in solar panels and solar power systems?

Truth be told, solar panels and solar power systems do not come cheap and acquiring the components required to put up your own alternative power system such as solar energy panels and solar battery can easily cost you hundreds of dollars. Despite the significant upfront cost, such alternative power systems are well worth its cost and are bound to earn its keep down to the last cent. It can also be used in remote locations independent of utility power grids. More importantly, such alternative power systems are infinitely renewable and produces free electrical power with no recurring cost and very little maintenance.

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