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Projecta Automatic 24V 8A 7 Stage Battery Charger


A highly advanced charger for all your 24V battery requirements. Capable of being set to perfectly suit the specific battery chemistry type as well as offering an adjustable charge rate feature to match a large range of battery sizes.

7 Stage Automatic


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Set the charging profile to suit battery chemistry type: Wet, Calcium, AGM or Gel

Adjustable Output
Adjustable for different battery sizes and includes temperature compensation probe for precise charging

Power Supply Mode
Maintains a constant voltage on a battery making it ideal for vehicle diagnostics

Wired Remote Control
Allows charger to be mounted out of sight yet retain total control

Shock & Dust Proof
Durable construction and safer charging with spark free and polarity protected connection

Battery Applications

Starting – Calcium – Marine – Deep Cycle – AGM – Gel