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General Features

  • Switch mode design with wide input range, 85-240VAC automatic adaptable.
  • Applies patented reverse pulse technology , reduce battery impedance while charge, extending battery longevity.
  • Digital display , real time charge voltage and other battery status are displayed.
  • Applies smart & fashionable design. Meet high CE safety standard including high voltage withstand to 3800V.
  • External fused cable, avoiding internal damage and enable users to repalce fuse very easily in case of occasionally misoperation.
  • Defective battery reviving function, reviving over-discharged or defective batteries due to lack of maintenance or extensive use.
  • Stable floating and restart function to make standby battery at proper voltage at all time and always ready for use.
  • Can be connected to battery indefinitely to maintain battery voltage level.
  • Automatic Restart to replenish energy


  • Input voltage – AC 85V to 220VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Charge control – 14.4VDC/14.7/13.6VDC
  • Charging current – 1.5A(Max)
  • Ambient Temperature – -20C to +50C,
  • Cooling – Nature cooling
  • Charger Type – 7 step, full automatic switch mode
  • Batteries – 12V lead-acid batteries
  • Battery size – 4-40Ah (70Ah maintenance charging)
  • Dimensions – 135*90*75mm
  • Weight – 0.5Kg