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Saving the Service Life of Your 12volt Solar Panel Battery

12volt solar panel battery failures

Investing in solar energy and purchasing 12volt deep cycle solar batteries is an expensive and long term investment for many people. The technology and components involved in taking advantage of the sun as an electrical power source are often quite expensive and none is considered as critical and sensitive as the 12volt solar panel battery. Unlike other components like your solar panels which requires only requires minimal maintenance, your 12volt solar power battery needs to be carefully monitored in order to avoid damaging them and reducing its service life.

The most common cause of 12volt solar panels battery failure is frequent overcharging. A 12volt solar energy battery is designed to store electrical energy only up to a specific point. Overcharging your 12volt deep cycle solar batteries damages its internal components and while it may not be apparent the first time, the more often you do it, the more you damage the ability of your 12volt solar panel battery to hold a charge until it eventually becomes unusable.

Avoid overcharging your 12volt solar energy battery

Having mentioned that the most common cause of 12volt solar power battery failure is frequently overcharging it, it certainly is a good idea to avoid doing it. Thus you can take steps to monitor the status of your 12volt solar panels battery as you recharge it to make sure that you don’t subject it to excessive amounts of electrical energy. However, it is easy to understand why a lot of people would find this hard to achieve given the busy lives that a lot of us tend to lead. In this case, it would be more efficient to invest in an automated system of preventing the possibility of overcharging your 12volt solar energy battery. One such system is called a charge controller and while it may cost you more initially, a charge controller earns its keep by automatically stopping all electrical charges flowing to your 12volt deep cycle solar batteries after it has reached its maximum storage capacity. Having such a system in place may in the end be more cost-effective, allowing you to benefit from your 12 volt solar panel battery for at least four years compared to having to replace it in just a year or so.

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