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Purchasing Tips for a 12volt 260ah Solar Power Battery

Your 12volt 260ah solar power battery

If youíre thinking about setting up your very own solar energy system, then youíll need a 12volt 260ah solar power battery. As a matter of fact, a 12volt 260ah solar panels battery is a crucial component of any solar energy system. Thus careful thought must be given in its selection. Here are a couple of tips for purchasing a 12volt 260ah solar energy battery to ensure that you come up with one that best addresses your power needs

12volt solar cell battery tips

First off, you must understand that a 12volt solar cell battery is not all the same in terms of design and specifications. Some people may think that itís okay to opt for your common automotive lead-acid battery and while it may work initially, automotive batteries are not suitable for use in solar energy systems and will wear out relatively quickly. It would be best to opt for a deep cycle 12volt 260ah 12v solar battery which is designed to slowly discharge more than half of its capacity. A deep cycle 12volt 260ah solar power battery is also noticeably heavier than your standard battery due to its thicker lead plates which enables it to last longer despite frequent charging and discharging cycles.

It would also be best to insure that you have a solar charge controller for your 12volt 260ah solar panels battery to prevent overcharging which is actually the most common cause for 12volt 260ah solar energy battery failures. Now people may think itís enough to just make sure that you donít charge your 12volt solar cell battery for far too long although in reality, this isnít really enough. Without a solar charge controller, your solar panels will not be able to yield a steady charge for your 12volt 260ah 12v solar battery. Many people are unaware that their solar panel rated at 6 volts could actually be producing 8 or even 12 volts of electricity depending on certain conditions such as temperature and the sunís position.

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