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Making your Deep Cycle Battery last Longer

Everyone who owns a deep cycle battery wants it to last as long as possible. This is because it is a key part to the functioning of any solar panel system. It is also not that cheap to replace so keeping it in great working condition is in everybody’s best interest. A battery’s long life is dependent on its maintenance so it is really up to the owner to keep it in great condition, so it will last longer, thus, saving both money and energy.

Connecting batteries in Parallel

Connecting the batteries in parallel is generally discouraged but if it has to happen, not more than 4 strings of batteries in parallel should be connected. This is because they tend to struggle amongst themselves, which is a very negative effect. The weaker cells will drain current from the stronger cells thus a lot of power will be lost in this way. Most of it ends up being useless heat that just beats the whole point of interconnecting them. If one requires larger storage capacity, they might as well go ahead and buy larger batteries to cater for these large capacity needs.

More tips…

Mixing old and new batteries is also discouraged. This is because the newer cells are cycled more than the old ones. So despite the interconnection, the whole batch will only last as long as the weakest cell; which again beats the whole point of interconnecting them. The same effect is also experienced when one mixes different types of batteries. It is advised that one just sticks to one unique type and works with that. Storage for a deep cycle battery can pose a bit of a problem. The temperatures for storage should be at optimum, at around 55°. The funny thing about the different storage temperatures is that they last longer when they are kept cool but they have more capacity when kept warm. Since both are important aspects, and one does not want to lose one to the other, it is the safest to just keep them in between. When this is done, the deep cycle battery should last really long and still work as good as new all through.

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