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Keeping The Deep Cycle Battery In Shape

In the solar power system, for those who decide to take that option as the best for them, a deep cycle battery will probably be of the hugest importance to them. A lot of care is taken when choosing one. One cannot just pick a random one. One has to look at their needs and preferences before making that huge decision on which battery to take home. Once that decision has been made, however, it is safe to say it is the best. Therefore, it will be on the top of the list of the things to do to keep that battery working at its optimum.

Desulphating the Battery

One can take care of the battery by a lot of methods. There are also a few extra features that can be put to use to ensure that you get the most from the battery you so carefully picked and bought. A water miser vent cap becomes very important at this point. Its basic use is to reduce battery watering. Essentially, it reduces the frequency that the deep cycle battery needs watering. One needs one vent cap for each voltage cell, so remember to check how many you have. That way you can get the exact number that you need.

Desulphators are another important extra feature. They are a good low cost investment that will help prevent sulfation and boost the performance of the batteries. They are mostly used on lead acid deep cycle batteries because they can build up sulphate crystals on their lead plates over time. This of course hinders the optimum working of the battery, which should be avoided. What desulphators do is they shake off these sulphate crystals off the surface of the battery electronically. This has actually been proven to improve the working life of the battery, ensuring maximum use of this mini-investment.
Another important thing to note is that there are different types of deep cycle batteries and their care might also differ slightly. The two main types of these batteries are Flooded Lead Acid batteries and sealed batteries, usually AGM/Gel cell. If one decides to purchase an FLA battery then you will have to give it a bit more maintenance than the sealed batteries. The advantage is they tend to last longer when given the best maintenance available.

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