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Keep your Battery Working Well

Maintaining the health of your battery

For those who use solar systems as their main or only power source, they can understand the true value of a deep cycle battery. Without it, the solar power system becomes functional only during the day or only when there is sufficient sun. They are mercilessly plunged into darkness at night and on those stormy and cloudy days. A deep cycle battery helps keep their home functional through the whole day and night. This is because it stores enough power for later use. While buying one, it is recommended that that one buys a battery with enough capacity to handle all power needs.

Just as the deep cycle battery is the most important, it is also the most vulnerable to damage in the whole solar system. One should be ready to take excellent care of it as they think about purchasing it. It all starts from the buying point. One should, as earlier stated, buy the best battery for them. They should also confer with the manufacturer or seller on the best ways to take care of it. There are so many different types of deep cycle batteries in the market and they all require such different ways to keep them in good condition. It is therefore best that you get the specific requirements from the seller or manufacturer, depending on where you purchase the battery.

Types of Deep Cycle Batteries

In the deep cycle battery market, you are likely to come across two main types of batteries: the flooded lead acid batteries or the other sealed batteries like Gel Cell. The lead acid battery requires a bit more maintenance so you have to pay it a bit more attention. It is especially recommended that you regularly top it up with distilled water. Also one should regularly check that the electrolyte solution in it does not run low, as this would lead to permanent damage on the lead plates. This leaves the battery useless and non-functional. With a few careful lookouts your battery should be working at optimum for a very long time, thereby giving you great service.

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