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A good look at inverter generators

Power generators are generally used as a source of back-up power in times of power failures. One would typically find portable and standby generators on the market adequate for this purpose but it was not until recently that inverter generators were introduced. Unlike its counterparts, inverter generators only require a deep cycle or conventional car battery to operate. It is easy to use and relatively smaller in size compared to portable generators and perfect for addressing urgently addressing one’s power needs.

Since its introduction, inverter generators have become fairly popular as a source of emergency back-up power. Unlike conventional power generators that operate at a set speed, its engines can match the load required which makes it a lot more economical as it only produces the amount of power required.

Some of the other benefits of using an inverter generator include:

  • Inverter generators work by generating 3 phase AC energy at an elevated frequency which is then converted into a straight current before being directed to the alternating flow of electrical power. This makes it ideal for powering electronic appliances and equipment
  • Inverter generators produce “clean” power which refers to a stable and dependable current and sine wave release. Clean power prevents fluctuations which is a fairly common problem in conventional generators and could potentially damage sensitive electronics such as computers

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