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Choosing the Right Batteries for Solar Energy

The proper selection of a solar battery

The proper selection of solar power batteries that would best serve your needs may not be as easy as it sounds. In fact, it is often a daunting task for many people. Investing in a solar battery does not typically come cheap and many people are often clueless about the various terminologies surround the use of batteries for solar energy. You’ll have to ask yourself a couple of things like how much electrical energy would you need it to hold and how many hours do you need to operate it. There are specifications for these in every 12 v solar battery and knowing these specifications and cross referencing it with your operating needs for solar panel batteries is certainly key to having these needs addressed.

Terminologies to consider for a solar battery

One of the most common terminologies that you will encounter when seeking out solar power batteries is “storage capacity”. Taking a look at this specification would essentially tell you the amount of electrical power a solar battery can hold and is denoted by the term amp hours. Batteries for solar energy vary greatly in this specification and to better understand this, you can take solar panel batteries that have 75 amp hours as an example which means that the 12 v solar battery will continuously operate for 75 hours for every amp. Now this would beg the question of how many amps do you actually need for your solar power batteries? Well you can think of it this way; how long will you be using a solar battery without having to recharge it? You will also have to consider the fact that solar panel batteries obviously do not have access to sunlight during the night and cloudy weather. Thus you’ll have to consider your operating needs in batteries for solar energy and make your selection based on that.

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