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Best Australian AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Batteries produced at the request of BMW, Mercedes and Chrysler Group, for vehicles with extreme consumption of electricity (air conditioning, GPS, stereo, heating, TV, etc.)

AGM batteries are manufactured according to the strictest rules of the first (default) installation.

Advantages of the AGM battery

  • Extremely high initial strength 900A
  • 3X extended battery life compared to conventional battery
  • Extreme resistance to vibration
  • Security, 100% safe from battery, no evaporation.
  • Sealed VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) technology in the system
  • Can be placed anywhere in the cabin, and mount at any angle
  • No maintains is necessary

Usage of the AGM battery

  • A new generation of vehicles with increased demand for electricity (air conditioning, GPS, heating, ABS, ESP, on board computer)
  • Special vehicles such as taxi, off road, police, emergency vehicles, ships and boats

Deep Cycle Solar System

Deep cycle battery is inevitable in the solar system, it also shortens the life span of the battery. Therefore, the most important requirement of the battery in the solar system is increased endurance in cyclic mode. Another important requirement is that it has the higher level of activity.

In the other words there should be small differences between the received power from the battery during discharge and the energy consumed for charging batteries. Therefore, batteries that that meet these conditions are called deep cycle solar batteries. Solar batteries, standard or professional have the capacity for each cell from 50Ah to 3000Ah. They can be found classically or hermetically sealed.

These batteries are used with UPS devices. They can operate continuously even up to 7-8 years. 

Features of a Deep Cycle Solar Battery

  • high energy density;
  • maintenance;
  • use in any position;
  • dry-type batteries;
  • ABS housing;
  • self discharging small (less than 3% per month);
  • a wide range of temperatures (from -15 ° C to +40 ° C);
  • High efficiency of accumulation;
  • Very great efficiency in a slow discharge (C100).

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