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Solar Panel & Battery Affiliate Program

Solar power is the way of the future, it is sustainable and supported by most governments which means that the growth over the next few years will be exponential.

Why is this good for Solar and Battery Affiliates?

If you are an affiliate looking to set up a good solid campaign that will keep paying over and over you need to pick markets that will be around in the future. Solar power is here to stay and the best thing about solar products is that barley anyone except us has an affiliate program in Australia.

Commission rate

We offer a generous commission rate on all affiliate sales of 10% and because we have high ticket items this means more profit for you. We also have long life cookie tracking so if a customer purchases and then purchases again in 1 year you still get paid.

What about sales made over the phone?

That’s the best part unlike other affiliate programs that have a phone number on their web site, we do not take orders any other way than through our online store because we operate from a warehouse and don’t have a store front, so this means 100% of your sales are tracked.