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Solar battery is an obligatory part of a solar system. With a solar battery you will take care of the environment and on the other hand, you will save on your utility bills.

For functioning of your solar battery you need a solar panel that gets solar energy. Later, this energy is preserved in the solar battery. Furthermore, you may use the energy from this battery for your house. Thus, you can run your oven or refrigerator on solar energy.

The most popular types of solar batteries are 260 AH 12V Deep Cycle batteries and 12V 200Ah Deep Cycle Batteries.

Deep Cycle Battery is necessary for your yacht

These batteries are most commonly used for solar systems, but now there is a wide usage of them in different vehicles and marine requirements. They are not recommended for starter batteries, but if necessary you can use them.

Starting batteries “offers” a lot of electricity in a short time, 5-15 seconds (typical outboard motor or an internal need of 200 amps and up to start). Then alternator takes over power. Almost all road vehicle use starting batteries. Unlike automobiles, marine electrical consumers quite often need energy even the engine is shut down. Using the starting battery in such cases is not recommended since the damage quickly arises due to deep discharge (already at low voltage of 30%).

Here come into consideration only the deep cycle batteries whose thick plates offer more power with no damage. Starting batteries, regardless to the manufacturer, are far the cheapest. However, you should not regard it in this way. With deep cycle battery your money will be returned to you several times. The only “true” marine battery is a deep cycle battery. This battery can be mounted at any angle. Furthermore, deep cycling batteries can be charged and discharged almost for countless times.