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AGM Deep Cycle battery

Batteries are divided according their usage and their construction. Usually they are used for cars, marine and deep-cycle. Deep cycle batteries include solar electric, backup power and batteries for marine and houses. According construction there are so called “dry” batteries, gel batteries and AGM batteries

AGM Deep Cycle battery

New powerful batteries that we offer are based on AGM technology (Absorbent Glass Mat). Special mass with micro fiber is located between the lead-acid battery plates and it contains complete battery acid. In addition the absorption capacity of glass fiber is adjusted so that the acid is fully absorbed into the fibers, but it can not attain a degree of saturation. Closed system is equipped with VRLA valve (Lead Acid Valve Regulated). This valve uses for inspection of pressure. It needs to be safely taken if any emissions.

The advantages of AGM batteries

The battery remains safe from leaking and more over it stays dry. In the case of freezing the expired liquid cannot cause any damage. The battery is not affected by vibration and shake. AGM batteries because they can be installed even in the supine position and can work independently of the position of installation. The entire electrolyte is, in addition, acid bound in the fiber; therefore it is not necessary to maintain the water refilling and subsequent control of electrolyte!

Since the AGM batteries have an extremely low structural internal resistance – faster reaction comes between acid and plate material: In some difficult situations, such as storage in extremely cold areas, they will preserve high amount of energy!

Charging AGM battery is very simple. The charger for ordinary car batteries can be used, so you do not need a special charger or adapter.

Deep Cycle Golf Cart Batteries

Deep Cycle batteries use thicker plates. In addition, their plates are solid, while other batteries use sponge. This type offers less power, but they can be effectively as starting batteries. For the best results you should stay with circa fifty percent of discharge.

One type of deep cycle batteries is golf cart batteries. You should keep in mind that “golf car“actually stands for the size. These deep cycle batteries are used for small systems. In addition, when purchasing this type of battery, please not that they don’t tell anything on its construction.

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