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12volt Solar Cell Battery Connections

Now as you may already know, 12volt solar power batteries can be connected together in a parallel or series configuration in order to come up with what we call as a “battery bank”. However, many people are often clueless about the best way of connecting different kinds of 12volt solar cell battery which may vary in type and capacity.

Series connection for 12volt solar power batteries

Are you thinking of setting up a battery bank by connecting several 12volt 12v solar battery with different Amp-Hour/Ah specification? Well then don’t because it’s actually not a good idea. Doing so can end up damaging your 12volt solar power batteries due to the fact that your charge controller won’t be able to regulate the charging process in accordance to the total voltage of the connected12volt batteries for solar energy. Connecting your 12volt solar cell battery in series means that you are running the same charging current on those 12volt solar power batteries. This would end up overcharging the 12volt 12v solar battery with a lower amp-hour specification as it reaches its maximum capacity earlier compared to the others. The 12volt a solar battery with a higher amp-hour specification will never be able to achieve a full charge under this configuration.

Using a battery bank installed under the conditions mentioned above also has its share of problems. Under a load, the 12v batteries for solar energy with a lower capacity will end up discharging excessively which results in a sharp drop in voltage which will in turn, make the upstream inverter to “cut out”. Using a battery bank configured in this manner is obviously risky and can certainly be dangerous.

Parallel connection for 12volt solar power batteries

Creating a battery bank by connecting two or more 12volt solar cell battery in a parallel configuration would be the best and safest course of action especially if the batteries differ in terms of capacity. It is important thought that your 12volt 12v solar battery is of the same type as the others you intend to connect it with. Connecting 12volt solar power batteries that differ in terms of type and chemistry will affect the charge controller as it will only be able to operate under one charging profile which may end up damaging the other type of 12volt a solar battery.

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