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12v Solar Power Battery – Not just any battery

Despite being a green and renewable energy source, there are a couple scepticisms surrounding the use of a 12v solar power battery. Such scepticisms had spawned many misinformation which can very well be considered myths regarding 12v solar panels battery. Among the most notable of these is the thought that the 12v solar energy battery being used for solar power systems is no different from the ones you see in automotive applications. Is this actually true? Well let’s take a closer look.

What is a lead-acid 12v solar cell battery?

The most common type of 12v solar cell battery in the market today is of the lead-acid type which features a cell comprised of negative and positive plates formed out of lead or lead alloy. The cell is then submerged to an electrolyte solution in order to form what is known as an electrochemical cell.

A lead acid 12v 12v solar battery is comprised of multiple electrochemical cells grouped together in order to enhance capacity or voltage based on how the connections are made. For example, in the case of a 12v solar power battery, you’ll need 6 electrochemical cells with a voltage rating of 2 which is then connected in series.

The lead-acid 12v solar panels battery – not just any battery

The typed of battery used for solar energy differs from the ones you find on the automotive industry. For one thing, those batteries are designed to give a brief burst of power to start an engine. The ones you’ll see on 12v solar panels battery on the other hand are designed to be discharged deeply.

These types of 12v solar energy battery are known as the deep cycle 12v solar cell battery. Again they are designed to be deeply discharged and then recharged relatively quickly. These types of 12v 12v solar cell battery feature thicker lead plates which make it suitable for deep discharging and can last relatively longer than its counterparts.

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